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Unlock Your Full Potential at
Ryerson Women in Leadership's 4th Annual Conference!

For this year's RWIL conference, we endeavor to enlighten our delegates in the art of unlocking their full potential. We will engage with our delegates through keynote addresses; a panel discussion with Q&A period; breakout sessions as well as workshops, which are led by experts in their various fields. Delegates can also participate in a networking and recruitment session.


We hope to highlight diverse leadership paths, including but not limited to the public, corporate, healthcare, and technology sectors. Delegates will also be able to listen to motivational stories from women who are a trailblazer in their industry and personal lives.


The conference will take place at Vantage Venues, the 16th floor of the Sun Life Financial Tower, located at 150 King St W, Toronto, ON M5H 1J9 (1 min. walk from St. Andrew Subway Station) 


Registration will start at 9:30 am, with the conference ending at 6:10 pm.


Please Note

  • Coat check will be provided 

  • Breakfast and lunch will be provided

  • Business casual or business formal wear is recommended 



9:30 - 10:15    Registration & Breakfast

10:15 - 10:30  Opening Remarks 

10:30 - 10:50  Keynote Speaker

11:00 - 12:50  Workshop A & Workshop B

1:00 - 2:00      Lunch & Networking

2:05 - 2:25      Minutes to Wisdom #1

2:30 - 2:50      Minutes to Wisdom #2

3:00 - 4:20      Workshop C & Workshop D

4:20 - 4:30      Break

4:30 - 5:30      Panel and Q&As

5:30 - 5:50      Recognition & Awards

5:50 - 6:10      Keynote Address






























Speaking Assertively and with Confidence: 
It is said that communication is one of the most important of human skills. Speaking in an assertive and confident voice is what will make the difference between someone who is simply heard, and someone who can have true impact. The workshop will educate you on how to display your most confident speaking voice, free of qualifiers. It will demonstrate how to move from tentative speaking to one where you are able to emphasize your views in a way which allows for constructive, meaningful dialogues.
At the end of this workshop, the aim is that the skills learned will augment your verbal prowess and move you from the proverbial sidebar of any conversation to its forefront. This will benefit you not only in your personal relationships but also your careers.
Building Your Personal Value Proposition: 
Value Propositions are used in product sales to consumers – essentially outlining why a consumer should acquire a particular product over another. However, it does not only relate to products.  According to Harvard Business Review, ones PVP is the “heart of their career strategy.” In today’s global competitive workplaces, it is essential that individuals are knowledgeable about their strengths and skills/talents and experiences as well as how to utilize them to create a career strategy. This workshop will guide attendees on how to use these characteristics to differentiate themselves from their competition in a way that sets them above the rest in a strong and memorable way. You will leave prepared on how to create your own personal value proposition.
The Power of Purpose/Passion:
Here we will talk about the importance of purpose behind our actions and how fundamental it is to our lives. This workshop will touch on motivation as temporary, and purpose as long term. This topic is essential to everyone seeking a better understanding of themselves, as a purpose is what enables you to explore, discover and create. A deeper understanding of purpose is extremely important, as most seek purpose in their careers, which for the majority may outweigh money and status. Finding your purpose will initiate your inner fire, passion will fuel it and together they will help you master your success path.
Finding Your Side Hustle:
Side hustle, a way to delve into a mechanism, which allows you to do what you find most interesting or even what you feel, is your true calling. It also allows you the possibility of making extra cash. It gives the unique opportunity to play the role of an entrepreneur while maintaining secure employment. With the North American economy being comprised of mostly small businesses, you could become a part of this self-lead business initiative. This workshop will speak to the ways you may start considering what product or service you would select as your side hustle as well as important questions to ask yourself before taking on such a venture.
You could be the next start-up to become lucrative through a side hustle!